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Client Registration Form


I agree and understand that OAK RIDGE HOMES will pay a real estate commission of 3% of the contract price minus all incentives, allowances, post contract upgrades and contract upgrades that are removed during the build process. I further agree and understand that in order to receive this commission the following conditions must be met;

  1. A sales contract must be signed by the registered client and the above builder within 30 days of registration date.

  2. Registering Buyer’s agent must submit a Buyer’s Agency Form with this registration and accompany the client to the first visit with the Builder Marketing Team. This meeting can be; in person, via Zoom or at an open house / event visit, but you must accompany your client. Drive buy or open house visits where you tell your client to inform the Builder Marketing Team that they are, ”working with you,” will NOT be allowed.

  3. The registered client, or the client’s immediate family, has not had any contact with any employee or representative of the Builder Marketing Team, Impact Real Estate or the Builder. Contact is defined as communication via email, phone call, text message, website inquiry or in person at any one of our offices, open houses or events.

  4. You must be a licensed agent in the State of Michigan at the time of signing as well as the time of closing to qualify. No commission will be paid to a referral program or trade partner.

  5. All contracts, pre-approvals, deposits, selections, walk throughs, title work, closing and any other appointments will be handled by the Builder Marketing Team.

  6. This registration is only valid once approved by the Impact Real Estate Broker.

  7. Commission will be paid at closing, but if settlement does not occur for any reason, the

    undersigned agrees that no commission will be paid.

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